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Having painted privately for decades, Laura Teste is a  nascent artist to the public eye. Her longstanding exploration is to capture the light, color, and atmosphere of Southern France. Laura Teste creates a textured experience with her striking surge of color and treatment with palette knives.  Her style truly lures one into the painting. Clearly influenced by master Renoir as well as the Spanish painter, Jose Royo, each of her paintings communicates a lively energy. 


 Her words on painting:

“Consider an unguarded moment in the sun. I am surrounded by occasions worth painting, particularly as I savor the landscape of Provence or the ports of the Mediterranean. I capture these mere winks in time in vivid oils. The memory is no longer trivial but present and lasting. Moments create my paintings and I trust that my paintings create moments for others.”


The bronze sculptures of Laura Teste recognize the athlete in the female form. Her recent figures embody the athletic beauty of dancers. Agility, strength, and discipline radiate from her pieces as one can virtually follow the movement of muscle and bone. Inspired by the work of Richard MacDonald and Degas, Laura Teste seeks to reveal the quiet power of her graceful subjects.


Her words on sculpting:

“As a former collegiate athlete, I fully appreciate the attention, rigor, and control required of dancers and athletes.  The beauty of the female form is a confluence of elegance and power.  My most recent sculptures manifest the lithe lines of dancer during a moment of quiet preparation or peak exhilaration. I love it.”